Craniosacral Therapy & Remote Power Body Therapy

“I can’t recommend Sal enough. Before I had my Craniosacral therapy session I was feeling very run down and having problems with pulsating tinnitus, some stress and digestive issues. It hasn’t been that long since the treatment but I must say the changes I have found already are quite profound. I am feeling energised for the first time in ages and the tinnitus as stopped. I feel like my body has had a complete reset and is much stronger in general. The actual treatment itself was so relaxing and as Sal worked on me I could feel the life force in my body swirling around – it was amazing! My cats even joined in on the treatment – they trusted her completely too – which is always a good sign! I will be booking more sessions with Sal very soon! Thankyou X.”

Rosie W Craniosacral Therapy

“I’ve known Salonee for just over a year and the Universe definitely had a plan for our friendship. I’ve seen Salonee evolve into a committed, caring and increasingly more confident healer. Her attention to detail is impeccable. She has a genuine concern for the process and I felt very ‘held’ in her care. I had a cranial sacral therapy from her recently. At the time I had some personal challenges. I had no idea what to expect as I didn’t know anything about the treatment. And I’m not even sure that is necessary as sometimes, like other healing arts, energy healing need not be intellectualised. However, I felt energy moving around my throat and particularly my knees. I’ve struggled with knee weakness for many years. I think that any therapy like this is rarely a miracle cure, but I know that some of the physical and emotional challenges I had have definitely shifted. I’d love to have more treatments with Sal and I’m particularly interested in her past-life regression therapy. I’d recommend her to anyone who is interested in shifting some of the blocks holding them back from a more fulfilling life. Thank you Sal. Much love x”

Chinmayi D Craniosacral Therapy

“Hi I had a sacral cranial treatment from the beautiful Sal. She is professional and caring putting you at ease. The ambiance and setting is perfect. As a holistic therapist myself I truly appreciated the expertise used and relaxing treatment. Thanks Sal ??”

Jay V Craniosacral Therapy

“Sal is a fantastic practitioner/therapist. I had my first craniosacral therapy experience with her and wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as she welcomed me into her lovely practice, and we discussed my medical history, I knew I was in good hands. I felt very comfortable and at ease throughout my session and was surprised at how responsive my body was to begin with, because I felt interesting sensations of movement throughout my body. Later on I drifted off into a very deep meditation where my mind totally switched off to any external stimuli (though I had some interesting visual stimuli). The whole experience has left me feeling simultaneously relaxed and energised for a few weeks afterwards and I will definitely be returning! Highly recommended!”

Nathania C Craniosacral Therapy

Sal has such an amazing aura about her. She is kind, friendly and very caring.
I tried craniosacral therapy for the 1st time and now I am hooked. After a session I felt so calm and relaxed which is something I havent experienced in a long time. I look forward to another session soon.

Viv C Craniosacral Therapy

“I had the amazing pleasure to receive my first craniosacral therapy this week! Woaaw! What an amazing experience! I was a little nervous but the same time excited, not knowing what to expect. Throughout the session, I was feeling a sort of tension in my body, which would then release, I felt a lot of warmth, some muscle jitters and a general sense of something super relaxing! I never been this relaxed in my life and also my headaches disappeared miraculously! She is an amazing professional with a nice, warm, welcoming home. Thank you Sal!”

Imola D Craniosacral Therapy

My son was 6 when he suffered bereavement since then he has been very up and down emotionally. I was given Sal’s number by a friend who had seen the benefits Sal brings through her own family. I have to say after a few sessions I started to notice a huge difference with my son, he used to have a lot of nightmares..the last few months he hasn’t had any. He had a lot of anger, he hardly gets angry now and seems a lot happier. I am so glad I had this recommendation, I have also had a few sessions. Sal is lovely and easy to talk to. I wouldn’t hesitate recommended her to anyone. Thank you very much Sal!!

Prina S Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

“Me and my husband engaged in a couple CST sessions with Sal. I would like to her for kindness and professionalism. She is a lovely person. I would like to recommend Sal and her therapies for all who need help and are sceptical about cranio sacral therapy. This really works. Once again Sal big thanks.”

Beata J Craniosacral Therapy

“Sal and I met online when I was desperate for relief from the nasty flu, which had me bed-ridden all day whilst 20 weeks pregnant and unable to take conventional medication. The distance healing session immediately alleviated the pain and got me up on my feet. Within half a day, I was out and about and continued to feel stronger. So grateful & highly recommend Sal’s natural antibiotic remedies.”

Audra W Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

Excellent work and procedure by the Sal. I felt very relaxed with Craniosacral hands on hands off therapy. I had been suffering for a long time with shoulder and neck pain.Which suprisingly was almost pain free just after the first session. I highly recommend using the service provided by Spacious Wings Therapies.

Parminder G Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a number of wonderful therapy sessions with Sal. As a result, I’ve felt more peaceful, relaxed, noticed a greater clarity of thought and generally felt better, physically too. Most recently I had some hands-off therapy which have helped with my post-natal recovery. I cannot recommend Sal enough, and indeed I do mention her to friends and family! She is an incredibly good listener and is genuinely invested in helping clients – you leave feeling that you and your well-being matter to her and I’ve found that to be priceless.”

Sarb K Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

“Had an incredible session experiencing craniosacral therapy from a distance for the first time and it was even more effective then in person! Sal was so helpful and incredibly intuitive, she was able to access the energetic blocks around my throat and heart and things have shifted tremendously since the session, Im very grateful and would highly recommend this type of session to anyone experiencing physical or emotional issues.”

Roxana N Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

“Hello beautiful souls. It will be unfair if I won’t share my review after achieving such a lovely experience with spacious wings therapies, after x 3 Past Life sessions I had the ‘hands on and hands off’ treatment in which my sugar levels wear dropped after session with ease that was really magical for me.”

Kamini P Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

“I recently received the most incredible distance Craniosacral treatment from Sal. I have had hands on treatments in the past so had a point of reference. I was blown away by how much I could feel going on in my body as Sal worked on me. Physical areas in which I hold pain tingled and relaxed. I also experienced energy releasing from old memories held in my body. It was a full sensory experience with not just the memory coming up to be cleared but a physical reaction to the experience accompanied by smell and emotions. It was a very powerful treatment, as powerful as anything I have experienced in a hands on treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a distance Craniosacral treatment with Sal. She is very intuitive and has a real gift for this work. Thank you Sal .”

Elizabeth W Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

“I had a Cranial Sacral Therapy with Sal to see if it would help with my Insomnia and fatigueness, so was in need of relaxation. I was made to feel at ease and not knowing what to expect, had an open mind to whatever would happen during this treatment. Sal made me feel very relaxed and i found myself falling into a deep state of relaxation, experiencing incredible healing sensations throughout my body. I must say I had the best night sleep and felt totally relaxed even during the following day. Sal is a beautiful soul with a gentle touch and a calm demeanour. Her tone throughout guided meditation has a very calming effect on the mind, she truely has a gift. What an amazing treatment, i have since had another session and have recommended Spacious Wings Therapies to friends and colleagues!”

Linda L Craniosacral Therapy

“This is a great service I would recommend to anyone. For around 3 to 4 years I suffered a lot from self doubt and confidence, and never felt that I was good enough for anything. It took me a long time to accept things and through Spacious Wings Therapy service, I have become more positive and have gained confidence. Mental health is a huge issue for young males out there, and in particular in the Asian community. We perhaps tend not to discuss our feelings openly. I had taken counselling sessions on and off, it was helping however I still felt that I need to try another type of therapy. Therapy is there for anyone suffering with mental well being and has certainly helped me in recent months. I have regained confidence, taken care of my body and I feel a lot better.”

Niren S Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

“I didn’t know what to expect but went in with an open mind. Sal is a very warm person, I immediately felt at ease. The treatment was unlike anything I’d experienced, I felt calm and at one with my body’s sensations; it’s hard to describe. It’s more than just a treatment for the body, it opens up the mind and spirit, I feel a lot calmer for it and am a lot less achey today too!”

Sudip G Craniosacral Therapy

“I had an amazing session with Sal remotely. I was having some shoulder pain through some stress that i was going through and when i had a session with her it felt like she was in the room. I could feel a very calm presence and almost feel her hands scanning my body. I even i smelt her which made me realise this is actually working. I would 100% recommend Sal. At first of course i was worried that this is not be face to face but the effects after was just what i needed and i felt better after. For anyone thinking of trying this, just give it a go. Thank you Sal.”

Blossom P Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

“I had craniosacral therapy with Sal a couple of weeks ago. I went there with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect or how I’d benefit from it. I’ve had problems with carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist for a few months. Sal did some work on my arm. I wouldn’t say that it’s completely recovered but I could actually feel a little bit of improvement the day after. My fingertips don’t feel as numb anymore and I can actually make a fist without it being uncomfortable. I don’t doubt that a couple of more sessions would’ve made it perfect. I would definitely recommend Sal. She’s a very gentle and caring soul. She talks you through it and makes you feel comfortable before she starts on the treatment. Thank you so much. It was such a pleasant experience.”

Emelie S Craniosacral Therapy


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