Craniosacral Therapy

A light touch body therapy that promotes holistic rebalancing, resolution and transformation at deep profound level.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) was derived from Osteopathy more than 100 years ago. It is a gentle touch therapy which engages the deep physical and energetic components within and around the client’s body. This supports the nervous system to rebalance and calm itself, which in turn can self correct dysfunction and disharmony across mind body energetic levels. 

Over a series of treatments subtle changes may begin to occur whilst old tensions, traumas, restrictions, and patterns are released, leading to a wave of transformation and wellness permeating throughout. 

Due to its non-invasive gentle nature Craniosacral Therapy is suitable for almost everyone as it promotes internal wellness. Craniosacral Therapy has been shown to holistically support children and babies with a range of requirements and complexities. It can support most symptoms and conditions where calmness and vitality would be beneficial.

Craniosacral Therapy may be suitable for:








In my experience treatments can support: stress – the nervous system – connective tissue / fascia – pain – sciatica – anxiety – grief – shock – anger – insomnia – digestive health – covid related issues -vaccine side effects – immunity – inflammation – drainage – sinusitis – headaches / migraines – muscle tension – spinal / neck issues – facial / cranial issues – tinnitus – developmental issues – autism – birth trauma – other traumas – healthy pregnancy – fibromyalgia – grinding / clenching – bells palsy – fertility – hormonal imbalances – post surgery recovery – throat / speech issues – detoxification – brain health – etc.

During Craniosacral Therapy clients may feel a range of sensations within their body. Sometimes colours, dreamlike visions and inspiring thoughts occur along with forgotten memories and unlocked emotions. Clients may ‘zone out’ during the treatment and usually feel very relaxed, often way beyond the treatment day. The therapy has been found to promote relaxation, better sleep, clearer thinking, lifted mood and overall improved well-being.

During the first session a case history will be taken, followed by treatment and short consultation. In subsequent sessions, there will be a longer treatment and short consultation before and after the treatment. Each session (including treatment and consultation) is up to 55-minutes. However, there is the option of longer sessions. Please enquire to learn more about these. 


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