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The Group Soul Journeying Experiences / Workshops / Closed Group Series’ offer an interactive space for like minded soul travellers to meet and experience a unique guided journey either online or in-person. These can occur as part of a series or as ‘one-off’ experiences. Each session is skilfully designed to support Present Life stimulation, enjoyment, insight, growth, healing and the opportunity for letting go and transformations.

Each session has a specific intention and theme often accompanied by music or sound. The sessions incorporate hypnosis / relaxation techniques. Previous group attendees have reported experiencing a sense of peace and relaxation, as well as increased self awareness and spiritual wisdom.

These group sessions run sporadically throughout the year both online and in-person. On special request tailor-made journeying experiences can be arranged for private groups, corporate events and for media purposes. Please contact to brainstorm some ideas.

 The Group Soul Journeying experiences are ideal for you if you desire or seek:

Deeper Self Knowing & Insight

Expanded Intuition

Clarity of Purpose & Meaning

Releasing Current Life Blocks

Empowered Healing

Letting Go & Clearing Old Energy

Spiritual Growth & Guidance

A Unique Unforgettable Experience

Cord Cutting

Time Travel & Soul Adventure


Connection with Spiritual Light Beings

Relaxation & Meditation

Past Life Experience


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