Regression & Hypnosis

I am a UK certified hypnotherapist and in the earlier days of my practice, I specialising in supporting clients with sugar & smoking addiction, with hypnotherapy. However, in recent years I have decided to apply my hypnosis expertise solely into Regression Therapy, Soul Journeying workshops, and group / corporate guided meditations and relaxations.

On occasion when the client requires it, I will apply hypnosis in 1-2-1 sessions: Past Life RegressionInner Child & Current Life Regression, Life Between Lives Regression. This is to support my clients to deepen their state of relaxation, and activate the subconscious mind and intuition whilst reducing control and analysis.

Within many of my group guided workshops, whether it be Corporate Private Guided Relaxation / Meditation or a Soul Journeying Group Workshop I may apply hypnotic induction techniques to assist attendees to become relaxed and encourage relinquishment of control and overthinking.

In my experience being in a relaxed – deep – in trance / hypnotic state can support the release of control, analysis and over thinking which can often block clients from having successful regression and group journeying experiences. When relaxed / hypnotised many of my clients have been able to connect with deeper multi-sensory messages and memories, whilst trusting their intuition. This is as the subconscious mind usually is more activated and the conscious mind is less dominant.  This is when old memories, thoughts, and emotions, including those relating to early life, past lives and other realms may be more easily accessible.

If you have any questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy please do not hesitate to discuss these with me. Over the years some media forums and stage performers have contributed to misconceptions about this powerful therapeutic modality. I am happy to  talk through any doubts or concerns you may have.


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