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Sal was originally trained in -person by Dr. Brian Weiss author of “Many Lives Many Masters” and his wife Carole Weiss. Sal took this picture during the training course.

Have you ever wondered why you are you? If, maybe, the explanations go deeper than nature and nurture? Ever tried to understand and heal a part of your body, character, emotions or behaviour patterns without joy? Are you curious about your soul’s journey before birth and after life? Have you ever experienced ‘deja-vu’; such as an over-familiarity with a stranger or unknown place? If any of these questions resonate a regression past lives therapy session may be calling you.

Many religions and cultures worldwide believe in an evolving soul that is re-born many times in order to learn, develop and transform through the process of reincarnation. Past Life Regression Therapy is a powerful process where the client takes a journey into the past which can help in identifying connections and synchronicities between lives and gain wisdom.

Regression Past Lives Therapy Information

Past Life Regression Therapy works at a deep soul level with the subconscious mind and intuition, to support present life healing and change. Experience an insightful journey of self discovery by visiting the past, or even future or alternative realms with my close facilitation. Many of my clients have gained purpose, meaning, clarity, and spiritual growth through this work.

Past Life Regression Therapy can support present life positive transform often when aiming to reach the root cause and reason for troublesome issues, that can often be stemmed in the past / karmic patterning. Undergoing this work can lead to an empowered sense of letting go, release, reconciliation, inner peace, a sense of ‘unburdening’ and forgiveness where required. Many of my clients have reported increased intuition, better mood, improved health, resolution, improvements within themselves and relationships, and a greater ability to relax following Past Life Regression Therapy.

Regression Therapy can help to address: physical symptoms, ailments, trauma, fear, phobia, dysfunction, addiction, patterns, blocks, relationships, emotional wounds; in order to achieve positive outcomes. It can also help to connect you to your soulmate or twinflame.

You do not need to have any specific religious or spiritual beliefs in order to benefit from Past Life Regression therapy. An open mind and open mind goes a long way. All sessions can be done face to face at my practice or online with great success from the comfort of your own space. Each session is approximately 2.5 – 3 hours long. As part of the preparation process, I assist my clients to select an area of focus for the regression. As well as the regression session, I offer all clients: a free video consultation, a free copy of my relaxation audio, preparation support and a post-session follow up review as part of the service.

I have regressed several hundred people both online and in-person, including individual sessions and during Group Experiences. To view Past Life Regression written testimonials from previous clients please click here.

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