Remote/Distant Power Body Therapy

Although Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is traditionally a ‘hands-on’ approach working with in-depth anatomy and physiology (primarily the nervous system, fascia and cranial/sacrum bones), its scientific and mindfulness principles can also be applied to working from a distance with a client’s physical and auric body. This can support the rebalancing of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects the body. Such an approach is underpinned by Quantum science’s principles of ‘Interdependency and Interconnectedness.’ These principles were who referred to everything living being connected as energy.

In recent years I have formulated my own way of working distantly by applying the backbone of my  clinical experience as a Craniosacral Therapist and its main principles, in combination with prior experience of working distantly / ‘in the field’ as an energy worker. Many of my clients have reported significant positive shifts in their symptoms as a result of remote body treatments. Much of my approach is based on in-depth anatomical knowledge and supporting subtle physical and energetic shifts in and around the body. The principles of Interdependency and Interconnectedness (initially proved by the scientist, Semyon Kirlian) have shown that at an energetic level physical distance is no longer a barrier to connection and positively impacting another. Remote / distance treatments can positively support the wellbeing of others when ‘clear intention – focus – permission – consciousness’ is present.

In my experience treatments can support: stress – the nervous system – connective tissue / fascia – pain – sciatica – anxiety – grief – shock – anger – insomnia – digestive health – covid / long covid – vaccine side effects – immunity – inflammation – drainage – sinusitis – headaches / migraines – muscle tension – spinal / neck issues – facial / cranial issues – tinnitus – developmental issues – autism – birth trauma – other traumas – healthy pregnancy – fibromyalgia – grinding / clenching – bells palsy – fertility – hormonal imbalances – post surgery recovery – throat / speech issues – detoxification – brain health – etc.

Similarly to Craniosacral Therapy I encourage clients to allow 3-5 sessions to begin noticing differences as these can sometimes be subtle at the start whilst the body gets used to the treatments whilst rapport and trust is still being built. All sessions begin and end with a video chat with an intense treatment in the middle. Sessions can be bought as part of a 5-session bundle with a saving or individually.  To learn more please get in touch.


“I recently received the most incredible distance Craniosacral treatment from Sal. I have had hands on treatments in the past so had a point of reference. I was blown away by how much I could feel going on in my body as Sal worked on me. Physical areas in which I hold pain tingled and relaxed. I also experienced energy releasing from old memories held in my body. It was a full sensory experience with not just the memory coming up to be cleared but a physical reaction to the experience accompanied by smell and emotions. It was a very powerful treatment, as powerful as anything I have experienced in a hands on treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a distance Craniosacral treatment with Sal. She is very intuitive and has a real gift for this work. Thank you Sal .”

Elizabeth W

“Sal is awesome. She did her cranial and more with me from a distance and I could feel the energy shift immediately. She was very helpful and kind. I highly recommend her services.”

Hands-On Hands-Off Remote Body Therapy (based on Craniosacral Therapy Principles & Clear Intention)

Michael C

“Sal is a lovely bubbly person her positivity and energy is amazing, I went to Sal out of desperation as I have hormonal issues I’ve had a few distant therapy sessions with her and they have really helped my sciatica, indigestion and have helped me feel relaxed in general, thank you Sal ?”

Hands-On Hands-Off Remote Body Therapy (based on Craniosacral Therapy Principles & Clear Intention)

Priya G

“I had a few sessions of Reiki and Craniosacral therapy. I can honestly say that it was a great experience. Sal is very professional and makes you feel at hone. She also listens to you and makes you find out things about yourself that you never knew. I would recommend anyone to give either experience a try. It’s helped me with many things but Craniosacral helped me with my migraines”

Hands-On Hands-Off Remote Body Therapy (based on Craniosacral Therapy Principles & Clear Intention)

Wayne K

“I had a lovely treatment with Sal of the Distance Hands on Hands off Craniosacral Therapy. I felt so relaxed and calm during and after the session and zoned out into the deepest state of meditation that I have ever managed to go into before. Sal is great with clients and professional in her manner. Highly recommend this service”

Hands-On Hands-Off Remote Body Therapy (based on Craniosacral Therapy Principles & Clear Intention)

Anca A


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