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Various faiths and traditions may have different names for the life after death (the journey of the soul) including the Bardo state, the spirit realm, heaven, the after-life, Nirvana, Paradise and Elysium.

Following on from doing past life regression sessions many of my clients have yearned for a deeper and more maturing experience which may help them understand the bigger picture and answer some of the questions they have about: life, death, birth, suffering, existence, purpose, meaning, why certain things happen, family and relationships, choices, the eternal soul, soul groups and soul mates, reincarnation, life selection, beings of light, spirit, other realms and life forms. At this point some have opted to embark on a Life Between Lives Regression.

A Life Between Lives Regression is largely based on research and teachings of Dr Michael Newton who wrote the infamous “Journey of the Souls”. A wonderful book that refers to his findings about the life after death and the journey of the soul from regressing several thousand clients back to the spirit state ‘in-between’ death and (re-)birth. Newton discovered many clients recounted similar experiences, encounters, visuals, and sequences of events during their regressions back to this space. 

In such a session you may get to meet and connect with guides, wise-beings of light and be greeted by the souls of loved ones / soul group members. In addition you may connect to the soul’s energy transitioning between states, as well as the process of reincarnation and life selection. Some of my clients have reported having a multi-sensory experience, healing and in some cases receive messages of wisdom to help them in their present lives. In my experience each client is destined to have their own unique Life Between Lives experience, which may / may not include all or parts that have just been mentioned. Such an experience can support the mind body spirit aspects of you.

A Life Between Lives Regression experience usually occurs as a two 2 part process *:

Session 1.      A Past Life Regression ‘Pre-Session’

This involves going to the most recent past life prior to the current life and working through its themes and issues in preparation for a life between lives session. This session usually is completed in approximately 2.5 hours – 3 hours, although this is all dependent on the client’s pace.

Session 2.      The Space Between Lives / Life Between Lives Regression Session

This involves being regressed to the in-between state, (after the end of the most recent past life) and working through its sequence of events, process and encounters right up until reincarnation as a baby in the current life. This session can last between 3 – 5 hours and the timing is very much dependent on the clients pace and the depth and expansiveness of their experience.

*  Even though the process usually occurs over 2 sessions there are occasions where clients require more past life / current life regression work before they are ready to fully benefit from a Life Between Lives Regression session.  

Please enquire if the hearty, empowering and highly transformational energy of a Life Between Lives Regression is calling you. 


I recently had both a past life and Inter-life session with Sal, both were incredible! Her skill, intuition and warm personality really helped me to open up to both experiences. If you are looking for answers or insights about your current life, an Inter-life session with Sal will definitely provide that. She is by far one of the best regression therapists I have come across. I highly recommend her and all of the therapies she offers.

Debbie E Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

I had a most profound and enlightening adventure when I chose to enjoy Life between Lives Regression work with Sal. It was a beautiful and calming journey that took me back to past life on the first visit, followed by a between-life on my return visit. The whole experience lasted several hours and I loved every minute. I have enjoyed many different complementary opportunities throughout my life and this one lands high on my list. For anyone considering their next step, I would suggest this is a must-do project

Emrys S Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

I saw Sal for her Space / Life Between Lives therapy, which included two sessions and lots of guidance before and after each session! I can really recommend Sal for this, she’s incredibly diligent, responsive, intuitive and helpful throughout the process. The Space between Lives therapy helped me get an all-encompassing view of why I’m here (in this life), what my purpose is and the background to that purpose. I walk away feeling like I’ve received confirmation of what I already knew deep down inside, but now it’s more clear than ever. Thank you so much Sal!

Lena O Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

Recently I had a Life Between Lives session with Sal. It was done in two sessions. During the first session Sal took me to my most recent life to find out the root of my blocks in this lifetime. And the second was to release, heal and make peace with myself and everyone involved with the guidance of wise beings. Sal was very professional, knowledgeable, calm and present, patiently guiding me and helping me feel safe at all times. What I saw in my past life resonated so much with my blocks in this lifetime which was really helpful to take the necessary steps to release them. The connection and the advise I received from the wise beings in the second session was so clear and heartwarming. It was surprising how clear the messages were. Whenever I was unable to see, Sal guided me with the right questions and guidance to the right place. The outcome of the session was so vast, fruitful and healing that I will reap the rewards in the months, years to come. I highly recommend Life Between Lives session and working with Sal.

Seta C Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

I had a Life Between Lives Regression session and a Past Life Regression session with Sal at her practice in Hitchin, Hertfordshire two months ago.

I wanted to leave it a while before leaving a review because quite honestly it has been life changing for me.

I had no concept of what was to happen during the sessions and felt a little nervous at first but upon speaking with Sal prior to the first session I immediately felt that this was for me and totally at ease.

Sal sent me an audio relaxation video a couple of weeks beforehand that really helped me relax. I listened to it whenever I had a spare fifteen minutes in my busy schedule and I believe it helped me to relax to a much deeper state during the sessions than had I ‘not’ listened to it.

The setting was all very peaceful and Sal’s calming gentle voice led me to the most amazing, overwhelming journey and experience I have had.

I’d had a reoccurring nightmare for as long as I can remember and also a persistent pain in one part of my body that I had no explanation for over 25 years prior.

I visited the reasons why in my sessions and don’t know how…but I came away pain free and no longer have the nightmares.

I cannot thank Sal enough for this wonderful experience. I highly recommend Life Between Lives/Past life regression.

Many thanks Sal. I cannot thank you enough

Samantha E Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression


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