Therapy for Children & Adolescents

My working background with young clients can often be reflected in my natural, transparent interaction and warm rapport, which is often rapidly built up when engaging with these age groups.

I have more than 25 years of work experience supporting the needs and wellness of children and adolescents. This has allowed me to develop an expansive awareness and knowledge base of the issues and factors that may affect them, and subsequently provides a strong foundation for my work. For me, it is vital that my young clients feel comfortable and trusting in the working relationship and are fully involved in their treatment process. 

Over the years I have worked with several children and adolescents that have presented with one or more of the following issues:

Special needs; disability; hormonal imbalances; birth trauma; physical pain, injuries and disorders; jaw and teeth; headaches; anxiety; low mood; depression; disturbed sleep/nightmares; panic attacks; exam stress; confused identity; low confidence and self-worth; brain fog; aggression; addictions; obsessive-compulsive tendencies; harmful behaviour; criminality; poor concentration; acquired brain injury.

The primary services/therapy for children that I offer support to children and adolescents are: 

Craniosacral Therapy

Remote Power Body Therapy for children (based on Craniosacral Therapy Principles)

However, when the circumstances or needs are complex the below services may be more suitable  (with the support of a surrogate/proxy).

Regression Therapies 

Energy Attachment Release Therapy for children

Please get in touch to learn more about services for your child. 

I really thank Sal for her wonderful help! The whole of my family, (my husband, my 9 year old autistic son and I) went to Sal for treatment one month ago and she found that energy release was the best way for us to start healing, in that moment. She is an amazing facilitator: she helped us to identify and release the energies no longer served us, and this wouldn’t have been possible without our own faith and prayers to God. In order to do energy release for my child, Sal called a reliable and person she knows well, compatible with my son, to act as a surrogate for him. The amount of information we came to know about our son and ourselves through this process is great! I won’t be grateful enough for what I’ve learnt as a mum and what we have learnt as a family about spirituality and ourselves. One month after the sessions, we are already benefiting from Sal’s help with enormous positive changes in our lives, all of us. For example, in my case, I am currently ending all the toxic relationships I had created in the last few years, I realized I need to change job for my happiness and self-realization and I learnt I need to work on my inner child and I already started to do so on my own, through prayers and meditation. We all have faith and pray God that the consequences of this energy release will be full of healing for our family in the near future. Thanks Sal!!

Deborah A Past Life Regression Therapy with use of Proxy / Surrogate – Energy Attachment Release Therapy with use of Proxy / Surrogate

I can highly recommend Salonee! I went to see her for past life regression a few months ago and it has literally transformed by life for the better. In only one 90 minute session (in which I set a very clear intention) I came away feeling like a different person and began to see immediate changes in my life from day one. A few months down the line and my life is getting better and better thanks to the wonderful regression and release facilitated by Salonee’s very professional but caring and supportive approach to healing. I was so impressed with the transformation in myself that I decided to do a session for my Autistic boy (13 years old) through a surrogate. Salonee did a spirit release before his past life regression and again I saw immediate gains. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to transform their life and overcome any limiting beliefs or fears that may be holding them back from living a happy and fulfilled life. Thanks Salonee for helping me and my son.

Miki E Past Life Regression Therapy with use of Proxy / Surrogate – Group Soul Journeying Workshop

I have an Autistic daughter who has a number of health issues and she is also non-verbal. I wanted to try hands hands-off therapy for her as she prefers being treated in her comfort zone and with the lockdown, it was much easier to get the therapy done over zoom. Sal is a lovely lady and very professional and has helped my daughter with a few issues. The main one was stomach cramps which use to keep her awake most nights and after five sessions we slowly so the difference in her sleep pattern. She has also helped her calm down with her teeth grinding and gagging which she did a lot when having her meals. My daughter also has anxiety as she doesn’t like new environments and change. She helped calm her down and even her teachers at school have seen the change as she stopped crying when taken to a new environment. As I mentioned my daughter is nonverbal Sal has been working around her throat, neck and tongue and we are always hearing different sounds she makes. It’s not clear words yet apart from the word ‘No’. I would highly recommend her as she has made a big difference in my daughter’s life and which has helped us all as a family. It has not been an easy journey for us but with Sal’s help it has been much better

Hema G Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

My son was 6 when he suffered bereavement since then he has been very up and down emotionally. I was given Sal’s number by a friend who had seen the benefits Sal brings through her own family. I have to say after a few sessions I started to notice a huge difference with my son, he used to have a lot of nightmares..the last few months he hasn’t had any. He had a lot of anger, he hardly gets angry now and seems a lot happier. I am so glad I had this recommendation, I have also had a few sessions. Sal is lovely and easy to talk to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thank you very much Sal!!

Prina S Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

Sal was recommended to me by a friend who had Cranio-Sacral Therapy (pre-covid) from her and had great results. When I got in touch with her regarding a child in my family that was suffering from anxiety and had developed a tik, she was open, honest and understanding. She explained that although she currently couldn’t offer face to face appointments, she was able to offer hands on/hands off remote therapy and to be totally honest I was a bit sceptical due to the physical aspect of the tiks but decided to try one session and see if it made a difference. I was blown away by the results of just one session, the c reduced by half and after the second session, they have practically disappeared. Sal is amazing with them, she is warm and friendly and has a great rapport. I cannot recommend her or the remote therapy highly enough. Thank you Sal

Ella H Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

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