Therapy for Men

As a therapeutic practitioner, I have observed over the years an increase in men becoming more open in seeking support in working through issues, patterns and blocks in order to transform and grow.

In my experience, many men have begun to challenge the traditional stereotypes of the masculine identity when it comes to their emotional health, physical health and spiritual wellbeing.

My experience has enabled me to develop expertise in working directly with men with a range of different therapeutic modalities. My capacity to be present and accompany my clients on their holistic journey, whilst maintaining a safe space, has enabled my clients to experience positive and in some cases, life changing outcomes.

The work I offer is particularly suitable for those that are at the beginning of their spiritual journey. I have supported many men early on their spiritual journey and who have reported back an increased ability in being able to meditate, calm the mind, a better relationship with self and others, and generally feel more equipped to better manage situations, stress and conflict.

Popular themes that I have empowered male clients to work through are:

Spiritual curiosity – Relationships personal / family – Trust – betrayal – Personal power – Self-worth – Identity – Life purpose – Childhood issues – Health & physical issues – Low mood & emotional wellbeing – Injustice – Anger – Fear – Anxiety.


“I had an amazing experience with Salonee. I went in with a bad ankle looking for some craniosacral treatment to unwind it, but Salonee felt I needed a deeper release. We went through an energy and elemental release. She took her time to remove the energies that were affecting me. I walked out feeling light, reduced pain in my ankle and I’ve felt a significant mental shift for the better since.”

Bhavesh M Energy Attachment Release Therapy

“Last Wednesday I joined the online group “Positive past life session” and the experience was excellent. Thanks to Salonee’s voice tone, I got relaxed in a few minutes and experienced a regression. You can feel the affection and professionalism of Salonee in every word she says. Thanks very much”

Ruben P Group Soul Journeying Workshop

“Sal is awesome. She did her cranial and more with me from a distance and I could feel the energy shift immediately. She was very helpful and kind. I highly recommend her services.”

Michael C Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

“Three months ago I fell off my bike and broke 6 ribs. My ribs have healed now, and most of the time I feel no pain. However, when I breath deeply it still hurts around my chest. Sal gave me a cranial-sacral treatment with the intention of easing this pain in my chest. The treatment itself was very relaxing and rejuvenating in its own right – Sal is very professional and easily sets one at ease. Two days after the treatment I realised that my chest no longer hurts when I breath deeply, and what’s more, my peak flow (I’m mildly asthmatic) has increased from about 500 to 600! That’s an unexpected added bonus! Both results – no pain when breathing deeply and increased peak flow- have continued now for several days with no sign of relapsing. I haven’t changed anything that might have led to this sudden improvement, so I am happy to conclude it is a direct result of Sal’s treatment – for which I am extremely grateful, Sal. Thank you!”

Lawrence H Craniosacral Therapy

“After having sessions with Sal I have genuinely realised a huge shift in my behaviour and outlook . I told Sal that I have a tendency of getting frustrated and angry very quickly, and that this was affecting my sleep and thinking. I knew I had to quickly change this, and therefore decided to have sessions with Sal. I have been sleeping better and have been able to calm my frustration and anger. I look forward to working with Sal in the next couple of weeks. I highly recommend Spacious Wings Therapies!”

Ris S Remote Power Body Therapy (based on CST Principles)

“Highly recommend….had both a hands on and virtual treatment. Both gave fantastic results. After recently suffering from neck pains had a virtual Cranial Sacral Treatment with Sal and the pain was completely gone straight after the first treatment. On top of that, felt total relaxed. Extremely professional and knowledgable. Thanks once again Sal!”

Rashil B

“I had a most profound and enlightening adventure when I chose to enjoy Life between Lives Regression work with Sal. It was a beautiful and calming journey that took me back to past life on the first visit, followed by a between-life on my return visit. The whole experience lasted several hours and I loved every minute. I have enjoyed many different complementary opportunities throughout my life and this one lands high on my list. For anyone considering their next step, I would suggest this is a must do project.”

Emrys S Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

A wonderful experience working with Sal, she really puts you at ease and has a keen eye for detail. Very professional, powerful and clear session, highly recommended to anyone looking for a session around past lives, such an eye-opener. Thank you once again…”

Manish G Past Life Regression Therapy


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